Standish Boat Yard & Marina

General Yard Rules

General yard rules

These rules are to be followed by all who utilize our services, marina or boatyard.

No “For Sale” signs can be mounted on vessels unless approved by management.

Rates including hauling, storing and launching do not include unrigging or covering of the boat.

Absolutely no outside labor permitted unless yard permission is obtained. Services of specialists such as electronic technicians may be arranged through the yard office. Their work will be billed by the yard. The subcontractor is responsible to maintain insurance on employees and their work in the amount of $10,000,000.00. A copy of which must be on file with Standish Boat Yard, Inc. prior to the commencement of any work.

Due to the large number of boats being hauled | launched delays due to weather, owners should not plan to be present during hauling/launching. While we cannot guarantee a certain day, we will make an attempt to haul/launch your boat during the desired week provided you give us ample notice.

All dinghy’s should be removed from marina by November 1st unless stored by yard. Any dinghies left in water will be removed and stored at the owner’s expense. Dinghy’s are not to be left in our yard during winter, abandoned dinghy’s will be auctioned off.

Owners with stands will be charged $100.00 storage fees if they do not winter store with Standish Boat Yard, Inc. Please note: we are not responsible for damage to stands.

Yard will not be responsible for damage to wind indicators, instruments, etc., mounted on mastheads. It is sometimes impossible to unstep a mast without risking damage to the masthead units. If such units are left on, the owner will not hold the yard responsible if damage occurs. The yard will therefore, automatically remove and store masthead gear as past of the unstepping charge if removable.

To minimize the possibility of fire, no electric cords may be plugged in during winter storage, and no electric heaters may be used. Owners are not permitted to burn, paint, run engines, light stoves or other flammable materials, unless under approved yard supervision. No antifreeze may be discharged into water or on land. Owner will be responsible for proper disposal of such materials.

Drop cloths and dustless sanders must be used for bottom prep in springtime, per EPA compliance. Customers not in compliance will be subject to labor rates of $150.00/hr. For Standish Boat Yard, Inc. clean up to comply to EPA regulations. No exceptions will be made.

The yard is not responsible for fire, storm, theft or ice damage, and the owner agrees to hold the yard harmless in the event of any such occurrences. The boat owner agrees to have hull and liability insurance policies in effect during the time the boat is in Standish Boat Yard, Inc.

The boat owner must keep the area around their boats clean daily, or the yard will do so at the owner’s expense. No boats will be launched unless the area around the boat is clean.

Bills will be mailed monthly, and are due when rendered. A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% annually) will be added to balances 30 days past due. All bills must be paid in full before Summer slips or mooring rental contracts are accepted or reserved. Standish Boat Yard, Inc. will not adjust any bills after 30 days.

As a convenience, you may use your VISA or MasterCard when paying bills rendered.

All charges shall be lien against the “vessel”, her tackle, furniture and not withstanding anything in the law contrary, shall continue to be a lien until such obligation is fully paid. The costs of collection of any monies due us, including attorney’s and Marshall’s fees, will be added. If a bill is not paid within 30 days, the yard may haul the boat at the owner’s expense. All bills will be paid in full before boat leaves the yard in Spring and before it is launched.


Boats not launched by June 1st will be subject to an additional storage charge retroactive to May 1st. Such boats bill be moved to a Summer storage area and will be charged accordingly. If they remain on land until September 1st and arrangements are not made with the Yard, title to said boat reverts to the marina.

When a boat is launched that is not berthed in our Marina, a maximum of three days dockage or Mooring rental will be free. Thereafter, the owner will be charged the regular dockage/mooring fees.

Holdover: If the vessel remains on the marina’s premises after the expiration of the Terms of this Contract, or any written extension thereof, its continued presence will create a lease at will at the rate(s) and upon the Terms & Conditions specified herein and on the Marina’s General Terms & Conditions (other than length of Term)

Wooden boats will be launched only with owner present. If boat needs to hang in straps or be re-hauled it will be done so at regular yard rates.

If a boat leaks in the Spring, any pumping and/or checking by the yard will be charged on time basis for actual labor plus $30.00 per day service charge for the use of the pump. The boat will be hauled at regular hauling rates.

Yard labor rate subject to change without notice. Current rate is $75.00/hr. Customers providing Standish Boat Yard, Inc. with Winter Work Orders will be given a discounted labor rate of $65.00/hr.

Boats coming in for Winter storage must be available for hauling within one week or will be charged regular transient rates.

Winter storage customers are given priority in slip and mooring assignments for the following season. If any customer wishes to change slips for next season, please contact the office. We will try to accommodate, providing the slip of your choice is available.

Boats not winterizing in the yard that are left in slips after October 15th shall be charged at regular transient rates. Wet storage boats not summering in yard must be vacated by April 15th.

Any boat that stores on land with their mast up will not hold the yard responsible for any damage(s) caused by high winds, i.e. poppet bows, tip-overs, keep damage, etc. we do not recommend storage with the mast up. Any stand adjustments will be an additional charge.